Desert Illusions

Arie Bar Lev

Arie Bar Lev, who has worked for 30 years at Midreshet Sde Boker, teaches photography at the Secondary School for Environmental Education.

The peculiar views of the desert surrounding Sde-Boker on the shores of the Tzin River attracted him to the site, and prompted him to translate his feelings through the camera lens - into pictures.

Bar Lev developed his photographic skills at the "Bezalel" Arts Academy in Jerusalem, and in working with a London based advertising photographer he has had several exhibitions, both in Israel and abroad.

During the last 7 years of his life, David Ben-Gurion lived at Sde-Boker. Arie Bar Lev used his camera to document events involving this visionary at Sde-Boker.

Bar Lev's previous albums, "Poetry of the Desert" and "Light of the World", the latter on Jerusalem, received the acclaim of both professional photographers and the public at large.

The leading motif of Bar Lev's work is expressed in the words of the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce: "Art is content clad in shape, and shape filed with content."