Part 3 - Questionnaire for Pupils

Social Integration

To what extent do you agree with each of the following sentences

Please enter initials:*
1. Teachers and pupils relate to my ideas seriously*
2. I have a lot of friends in my class*
3. The pupils in class relate to me in a friendly manner*
4. Pupils from other classes like me as I am*
5. Teachers comment when I succeed in my studies*
6. Most of my teachers are interested to know what is happening with me*
7. There is at least one teacher or adult at school with whom I can speak when I have a problem*
8. I feel different to other pupils*
9. The teachers at school respect me*
10. When I don't understand the learning material, my teachers are always ready to help me*
11. Teachers and pupils relate to me when I miss school*
12. I have a feeling of belonging to my school*
13. I would be happy learning at another school*
14. The teachers pay no attention to the pupils*
15. Sometimes I feel as if I don't belong to this school*
16. For pupils like me it is difficult to be socially accepted at this school*

Thank you for your time and goodwill