Teacher questionnaire

Dear teacher,
The following questionnaire aims at understanding more about project work and its implementation in the EFL field in Israel. It will not take you no more than 10 minutes to complete, nevertheless will provide valuable information for me as a researcher while helping us all learn something further about projects as part of the high-stake Bagrut exam.
Thank you for your cooperation and time.

Choose the answer that best suits your feeling and opinion regarding Project work. The answers reflect the extent of what you think or feel starting from limited-as the least to- very much- being the highest level.

1. Describe in short what a Project is *
2. Is the audience involved in or affected by the Project identified so that their needs can be addressed?*
3. Do you feel both trustworthy and competent to perform project work, so that your findings achieve maximum credibility and acceptance?*
4. Is the information collected by the use of the Project of such scope suitable to address pertinent questions about student achievements? *
5. Is the criteria used to determine Project scores justified and clearly described?*
6. Are Project scores (and rubrics) presented in forms readily understood by students?*
7. Are Project scores disseminated to all relevant audiences, so that they can assess and use the findings?*
8. Is the release of Project scores timely so that audience can use them best?*
9. Does Project work have a positive impact on the teaching and learning process and on the decision making process of all parties associated with them?*
10. Are Projects performed by instruments and procedures providing valid information? (Measuring what the Project intends to measure)*
11. Are Projects performed by instruments and procedures providing reliable information? (Consistent and accurate data collection procedures)*
12. Are Project conditions adequate when assessing the achievements of each student?*
13. Are project data appropriately and systematically analyzed to ensure supportable interpretations of scores?*
14. Are project scores reported objectively without distortion by personal feelings and biases of testers?*
15. Is Project conducted with minimum disruption of educational and administrative processes at school and with consideration of existing constraints?*
16. Are Projects planned and conducted with anticipation of the different positions of various interest groups to ensure their cooperation?*
17. Do projects produce information of sufficient value to justify the resources expended?*
18. Are Projects based on known and accepted subject matter and criteria?*
19. Are Projects designed and conducted so that rights and welfare of human subjects are respected and protected?*
20. Are Project scores and consequences respected within the limits of other related principles such as those dealing with public safety and the right of privacy or others?*
21. Is conflict of interest dealt with openly and honestly, so that it does not compromise the Project process and scores?*
22. Is the Project conducted in accord with social values and does not stimulate violation of norms and values accepted at school and society?*
23. Are projects scores complete and fair in their presentation of strengths and weaknesses of the individualís work?*

Personal details to complete with full discretion:
(Will be used for research purposes only and will not be shared with anyone)

1. Number of years as an English teacher ............*
2. Number of years as a Bagrut teacher ............
3. Education: *
4. I learned about project work in an*
5. Experience: *

I have been doing projects with my students before the NBA I have starting doing projects with my students only after the new changes in the Bagrut came into effect
6. Are you willing to assess projects as an objective tester? ............*
7. Are you willing to guide students or teachers in doing Projects? ............ *

Again, thank you for your cooperation and time.