From Sde Boker to Ovdat
Maps: map with path markings no. 15.
Length of vehicle route: about 16 km.
Duration of walking route: about 1-2 hours, according to the selected route.
Recommended age of walkers: for all the family.
Preferred seasons: all year round.
Drinking water: at the Ben-Gurion hut, Sdeh Bokker Academy, Ovdat gas station.
Entry fee: an entry fee is charged at Ein Ovdat and the city of Ovdat.
Medical assistance: on Kibbutz Sdeh Bokker, at the Ben-Gurion Academy.
Nature preservation - you will be walking through a nature reserve and historic and archeological sites. Please do not damage them and follow the rules of the nature preservation.
Additional information may be obtained from the Sdeh Boker Field School; Tel: 08-6532016

How to reach the walking area:
Our walk starts at the Hagai observation point near Halukkim junction close to Kibbutz Sdeh Bokker. Those arriving from the direction of Be'ersheva travel south along route 40 about 31 kilometers towards Nitsana as far as Tlalim junction. Turn left (still on route 40) towards Mitzpeh Ramon and Sdeh Bokker, and continue about another 13 km. as far as Halukkim junction. Those traveling from the direction of Dimona travel south about 30 km. from Dimona junction as far as Halukkim junction. The Hagai observation point is located on Halukkim Ridge about 500 m. before the junction in the direction of Be'ersheva.