Interdisciplinary Education Center
The "Negev" Interdisciplinary Education Center is the center of diverse educational activity which takes place at Midreshet Sde Boker, with an emphasis on Environmental Education. The center enables students and other interested parties to look through "open windows" into the Negev, into the desert environment, and to take advantage of the wide depth of knowledge and experience that has been amassed at the Midrasha over the years.

The center serves as a dynamic knowledge base for the general public. Enlisting the aid of Information Communication Technologies the center provides up-to-date information concerning natural phenomena, weather, vegetation, animal life, etc. This information is freely available to the public on the Midreshet Sde Boker website
In its Internet framework, the center Negev databases in areas such as settlement, development, ecology, and the history of the Negev. Thousands of people from Israel and the rest of the world visit this site each month. This is the largest Internet knowledge base about the Negev in Israel.
The Interdisciplinary Education Center holds conferences and seminars in areas related to nature, society, the environment and the desert, together with research centers and other institutions in the area.
The Center also operates environmental and educational projects involving both students and teachers, both from Israel and from around the world.
The Center deals with the development, operation, and publication of learning programs and Environmental Education publications, specializing in the Negev and the Environment. The learning programs utilize the desert environment as an learning resource.
The Center holds in-service programs for teachers, students and the general public.

Using the above as a base, the "Negev" Interdisciplinary Education Center provides a central stage for the discussion and exploration of themes and dilemmas connected to the settlement of the Negev and its development, from regional and national aspects.

About the Structure:
The Interdisciplinary Education Center is adjacent to Ben Gurion Park and the Ben Gurion gravesite, overlooking Wadi Zin.

The building was first constructed in the middle of the 60's, and then served as the dining room of Midreshet Sde Boker. It was one of the first buildings on the Midrasha. It was first planned (by Recter and Shoshani) along the lines of the "library" nearby, which was established for David Ben Gurion in the middle of the 60's.

Recently, with the contribution of Keren Hayasod and the Italian Jewish Community, the building underwent a very significant renovation, according to the architectural plans of the architect Avinoam Levine.

The building combines modern architectural elements, while maintaining certain elements which characterized Negev architecture in the 60's.
The unique architectural design enables displays relating to the areas of activity of the Center.

The sculptured benches in the area around the building are the work of the sculptor Alon Aharoni, a resident of Arad. They were planned together with the artist Shmuel Gefnen, and were implemented by him.

The Interdisciplinary Education Center
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