Negev Databases - abstracts in English

Negev Stamps
Written by Israel Dagan, Yigal Granot
Description of the Negev Desert through 71 stamps. These stamps were issued in Israel from 1952. Each one describes a land feature, a plant, a typical animal that lives in the Negev or an historical event that has to do with the Negev. There is one page telling the story of each stamp and the part of the story concering the Negev.
(Negev Stamps - in Hebrew)

Touring the Desert
Hiking routes in the Negev
Written by Sde-Boker Field school staff Writen by Sde-Boker Field school staff
About 26 different desert hiking routes are described in this database. One can find short routes for families as well as routes for experienced hikers. Each route is carefully described and has pictures of sites and landmarks. There is also a sketch map, safety instructions and nature conservation guidelines for each hike. A part of this material appears in English.
(Hiking routes - in English)
(Hiking routes - in Hebrew)
Nitzana and the Western Border (between Israel and Egypt)
Written by: Yaacov Eini, Ezra Orion
Tells the story of this region: about human activity through the ages (starting from pre-history, through the Byzantine age, until Ottoman time and World War II); and about the land (the sands, vegetation and animal life).
(Nitzana & the Western Border - in Hebrew)
Mountain Bike routes in the Desert
Written by: Hezi Yitzhak
This site is devoted to Single Track Cycling in the deserts of Israel and the world. Hezi describes more that 20 Cycling routes in the Negev and also a number of routes in other parts of Israel. Hezi describes in detail his cycling trips to a few of the extreme deserts in the world, such as Morocco, Jordan, the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, the Atacama desert in Chili.
(Mountain bike routes in the Desert - in Hebrew)

Plants & Animals

Medical Plants of the Negev
Written by Yigal Granot.
Describes the use of plants for medical purposes in the Ancient World. It has chapters about using plants in folk medicine and about the relation between Modern medicine and folk medicine. In the last chapter there is a detailed description about the use of 25 plants that grow in the Negev in folk medicine.
(Medical Plants of the Negev - in Hebrew)

Archaeology & History

Ancient Cities in the Negev
Written by: Yaacov Eini, Ezra Orion, Oded Katzir
Here we find 3 teaching Units about 3 ancient cities in the Negev: Avdat, Shivta and Mamshit. Each Unit contains background material about the site, teaching material and working pages for field work. The introuduction describes the process of settling the desert in an inter-disciplinary fashion.
(Ancient Cities in the Negev- in Hebrew)
Desert Caravans
Written By Ezra Orion
This is an article about Caravans and roads in the Ancient World. About domesticating the aamel, the organization of a caravan and more.
(Desert Caravans - in Hebrew)

Economy & Development

Water in the Negev in Modern Times
Written by Ezra Pimentel
All about hydrology, ground water in the Negev; traditional wells and water pumping systems; Developing new water resources by desalination of brackish water and other methods.
(Water in the Negev - in Hebrew)
Modern Agriculture in the Negev
Written by Ezra Pimentel
A review of the potential for agriculture in the Negev, patterns of agricultural settlements, R&D done in this area to bring modern methods to the agriculture in the Negev.
(Modern Agriculture in the Negev - in Hebrew)

The Negev in the last 100 years

50 Years in the Negev
Written by Ezra Pimentel and Yaacov Eini
Describes 50 years of History of the Negev through looking at 50 pictures that were taken between the years 1948-1998. The pictures tell the sroty of the developmet of the Negev. This database was created when the state of Israel celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary.
(50 Years in the Negev - in Hebrew)
100 Years to Modern Beer Sheva
Written by Ezra Pimentel
Provides a prespective of the past, present and future of Beer Sheva: it's historic roots, the planning of modern Beer Sheva and description of the new city.
(100 Years to Modern Beer Sheva - in Hebrew)
Negev 2020 program
Written by Ezra Pimentel
This article describes the future national programs for developing the Negev, for the year 2020. This article is based on National pogram no. 35 (TAMA 35).
(Negev 2020 program - in Hebrew)
From Cairo to to Beer Sheva
Written by Ezra Pimentel
The negev during World War I. During World War I the Negev was a strategic area on the way to Cairo. The Ottoman Railway passed by way of Beer Sheva and Nizana. This database describes the wars between the Ottoman army and the British army during the years 1914-1917.
(From Cairo to Beer Sheva - in Hebrew)
Modern Urban Settlement in the Negev
Written by Yaacov Eini
This Article tells the story of the new towns that were built in the Negev: Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim, Dimona, Yeruham, Mitzpe Ramon, Arad and Eilat. These towns have unique characteristics of population and economic structure. This database describes also the place of the Negev in the Israeli national planning system.
(Modern Urban Settlement in the Negev - in Hebrew)

On Environmental Education

Chapters on Environmental Education
Written by the staff of the High school for Environmental Studies.
The High school for Environmental Studies in Sde Boker was founded in 1975. This was the first time in Israel that Environmental studies were introduced at the High School level. The model of this school and the outline of its curriculum are the basis of this article. The first version was created in 1982 and the second version was written in 1992.
(Chapters in Environmental Education - in Hebrew)
On Man and the Environment
A collection of interviews that were published in 'Svivot' (Environments).
(On Man and the Environment - in Hebrew)
The Negev Highland Region described as a complex process
Written by: Yaacov Eini, Ezra Orion, Oded Katzir
This database describes the formation of the Negev Highland Landscape as a complex process: the Geological processes that created the rocks, the geomorphological processes that shaped the landscape, the climatic change over time. The adaptation of plants and animals and the development of the human presence in this region - are processes that influence each other and interact.
(Negev Highland as a complex process - in Hebrew)

Art & Creativity
Inter-Galactic Sculpture Toward the Third Millennium
Written by Ezra Orion
This is a site that represents 3 subjects in the work of Ezra Orion: Desert Sculpture, Sculpture in Solar system and Inter-Galactic Sculpture.
The site has an English Version.
English version
Hebrew version

Pictures & Maps

Desert Album
A collection of pictures from the Negev. This collection has an English version. We would appreciate your donation of pictures and will add them to the Album.
English version
Hebrew version
Desert Maps
A collection of maps of the Negev, classified into subjects: historic maps, hiking maps and many more.
(Desert Maps - in Hebrew)
Desert Navigator
A collection of links to Internet sites about the Negev and other deserts.
(Desert Navigator - in English)

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