The new Negev desert
The new Negev desert
Ynet News
By Zvi Alush
March 26, 2005

Field Road proves you don’t have to travel to Tuscany to enjoy open agricultural areas, and a visit to the Magic Touch Spa for a reflexology session is a must

Good things are happening in the western Negev desert, and even if you have visited the area recently, you can be certain some new attractions have already popped up.

We began our Negev excursion by driving along Fields Road, which proves you don't have to travel to Tuscany to enjoy open agricultural land that is rich in oranges and scented herbs. The road, which was funded by Jewish National Fund and the local municipality, is 20 kilometers (about 12.4 miles) long and runs along all the agricultural towns in the area.

Maps and information pamphlets are available in the different entrance points to the road, and the guided tour of the area includes fun attractions, such as orange squeezing, potato or carrot picking, and strawberry gathering.

For more information, telephone: 972-54-791-9282.

Spending the night

Following a delightful drive along Field Road, and after getting accustomed to the clear Negev air, you may wish to stick around for a while. If you decide to stay overnight, you may as well enjoy a nice massage while you're at it, The Kimchi guesthouse complex and Magic Touch Spa in Moshav Talmei Yoseph is the perfect place to do both.

Behind the Kimchi family home you will discover a magical green area that looks as if it had been transferred in its entirety from Japan or Thailand. The site includes two new and lavish wooden guesthouses that are equipped with all the necessary accessories, such as a whirlpool, air-conditioner, and kitchenette.

Breakfast is prepared by neighbors Rivka, Phoebe, or Gili, and includes an assortment of Italian, Indian, and Moroccan dishes. The beautifully designed garden that surrounds the guesthouses and the small waterfall that gurgles calmly make the meal even more enjoyable.

The main attraction in the Kimchi residence is the Magic Touch Spa. Dganit Kimchi, who has been treating sore muscles for 14 years, is known as the therapist with the golden hands, and people from all over flock to her clinic to receive her (and her staff's) special treatments, including massages, reflexology, healing, Chinese acupuncture, Shiatsu , and pretty much any other treatment you can imagine.

Guesthouse Prices: Weekdays- NIS 350 (about $80) per couple. Weekend- NIS 400 (about USD 91) per couple. Breakfast- NIS 40 (USD 9) per person.

Spa Prices: 1-hour treatment- NIS 180 -350.

Telephone: 972-8-998-5028, or, 972-54-666-8882.

Enjoy a nice cold cactus

Not far from the Kimchi guesthouses in Talmei Yoseph stands Shila and Yaakov Grover's huge cactus garden. The Grover family has been growing various kinds of cactus for years, and they make a very good living by producing and selling cactus fruit (sabra) drinks.

The Grovers have also set up a large guesthouse complex, which includes three spacious wooden huts that can accommodate dozens of travelers.

Cactus Farm: Price- Adult, NIS 15 ($3.40). Child and senior citizen, NIS 5 (about USD 1.10).
Telephone: 972-50-754-9648.