Three Days of Poetry in the Desert

"And to his place he aspires"

Three days of Poetry in the Desert, 2004
In continuing a tradition which first began four years ago, three days of poetry will take place at Midreshet Sde Boker from Thursday to Saturday, December 2-4, 2004.

The even will focus upon the issue of "makom (place)" and will be dedicated to the poet - Tuvia Rivner upon his 80th birthday.

Accomodation will be provided at the Sde Boker Field School.

Included in the events:
Discussions about poetry with the theme of "makom"
Mifgashir - Poets read their own poetry
Artist workshop
Writing workshops
Reading circles
Hyde Park poetry
Short tours
Among the Participants:
Tuvia Rivnir
Uri Bernstein
Rafi Weicart
Meir Uziel
Professional Coordinator of the Conference: Ilana Shahaf

For further details, please contact:
Bezalel Cohen, Conference Head
Tel: 08-6532084 (office)
Mobile: 052-624673

The event is taking place under the auspices of Mifal HaPayis