Teaching Communities
Each teacher network consists of a unique teaching community in which teachers, ministry of education personnel, and other educators in the specific field share ideas and information.

Each teaching community is comprised of a mailing list - where educators discuss relevant issues, and a website (where educators post lessons plans/teaching ideas, uptodate information from the Ministry of Education appears, polls, forums, links to relevant information on the web, etc. are posted.

Each teaching community is the initiative of experienced teachers in the respective field - teachers who now also work as a part of the Interdisciplinary Education Center on Midreshet Sde Boker.

The first teaching community - "English Teachers Network" - was founded in 1996 and is managed by David Lloyd - david@boker.org.il.

The "Geography Teachers Network" was founded a few years ago by Hannah Sivan - hannah@boker.org.il - who also manages the community.