1934Born, Kibbutz Beit-Alfa.
Grew up, Kibbutz Ramat-Yohanan.
     1952Bezalel School of Art, Jerusalem
     1963One man show, Mishkan Le-Omanut, Ein-Harod.
One man show, Museum of Modern Art Haifa.
     1964Group show Israel Art U.S.A.
Work at the Museum of Modern Art, New-York. Work at the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, U.S.A
     1964-67Saint-Martin's School of Art, London.
Royal College of Art, London. One man show, Mercury Gallery, London.
Group Show, Grosvenor Gallery, London.
     1966Work at the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, Israel Museum Jerusalem.
Work at Mrs. Sacher Collection London.
     1967-2000Residence and studio at Midreshet Sde-Boker.
     1968-72'Sculpture Field and Models Monument at Mitzpe Gadot, The Golan Heights.
     1974One man show, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
     1977Sculptural Group at Ramat-Yochanan.
'Vertical Ladder' at Artists Workshop, Saint-Catherine, Sinai.
     1978Sculptural Group, Sde-Zin, near Midreshet Sde-Boker.
Speaker at the 10th International Sculpture Conference, Toronto, Canada.
Sculptural Group, Beit She'an.
Sculptural Group, Jerusalem.
     1979One man show 'Mabat' gallery, Tel-Aviv.
'Vertical Ladder', Midrashat Sde-Boker.
     1980'Staircase' 18 m. reinforced concrete, Jerusalem.
Excursion to the Valley of Annapurna, the Himalaya, Nepal.
Two sculptural groups, Midreshet Sde-Boker.
'Towards the Rift, the International Art meeting at Tei-Hai.
'Desert Stone Line', Ardon Mountain, Negev.
Sculptural group', Omer Negev.
'Desert Sculpture', The Platau of Tzin, Negev.
'Desert Sculpture', Jebel Arif-e-Naka, Sinai.
Stone Line', 850 m, lime stone. Sde-Zin, Negev (1980-84).
     1981'Towards Annapurna I', 32 m. long, Stone 'Staircase Annapurna Valley, first expedition to the Himalaya.
'Sculptural Site', Mitzpe-Ramon, Negev.
     1982'Ezra Orion:Sculpture in the Himalaya', The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
'Sculpture in the Himalaya', 'Mabat' Gallery Tel-Aviv.
Represents Israel at the 12th International Sculpture Conference, California.
Meeting scientists in J.P.L. on marsrover Sculpture on Mars.
'Sculpture in the Himalaya', The Haifa Musum of Modern Art.
Development of 'Towards Arif-e-Naka', Sinai.
     1983 Development of 'Towards the Rift', The International Art Meeting at Tel-Hai.
Development of Towards Annapurna I', - second expedition to the Himalaya.
     1984 'Towards the Rift II' - Mount Sodom.
'Towards the Rift lll Ma'aleh Dragot.
'Dust Hill', Ramon Air Base.
Development of 'Ardon Stone line'.
     1985 'Sculpture in the Solar System', an article in 'Leonardo'.
     1986Desert Sculpture', dolomite rocks, on the cliff edge of Ramon Crater, Negev. (1986-88).
     1987 Launch of vertical Laser beam, Tel -Hai.
Meeting in NASA Headquarters, Washington: Sculpture on Mars.
     1989 June 22: Launch of Laser Obelisk 1 billion km. tall, Bar-Giora Laser ranging station, Israel.
     1990 ' Twin Columns', 20 m. reinforced concrete, Yerucham, Negev desert, Israel.
     1991Second meetting in NASA Headquarters.
'The Situation of Man', 25 m. steel, Dead-Sea Works, Israel.
     1992 April 27: Launch of 'Super-Cathedral I', 1 billion km. tall, light speed, from the Northern Hemisphere, vertically t the plane of the Milky Way.
     1993 - The third expedition to the Himalaya - Partial reconstruction of the 'Staircase' in Annapurna Valley.
- December- Simulation of the 'Mars-Rover stone line Negev.
     1995 - 2 October - 'INTERGALACTIC SCULPTUR', event in the U.N. house, New-York with the presence of Shimon Peres - then the Israel Foreign minister.
     1996 - Reconstruction of the 'Staircase' in the Himalaya. Filmed by Ofer Harari.
     1997 - 'Vertical Power Field' D.8., Beer-Sheva.
     2000 - Planing more powerfull ENERGY OBELISK 1 Billion km. tall-vertical to the Milky Way - Light Speed - toward the infinity of the universes --  --    -