It was in the desert that the People of Israel became a nation. There the great spiritual quality, which brought the People of Israel down the long road. of history to this very day, was crystalized.. When our people returned to their land., we also returned. to this' desert.

      Five years ago the Midrasha of Sdeh Boker was established here in the Negev. Presently it embodies the nucleus of a science, education and cultural center, out of which a lasting institution for the transmission of Jewish values will emerge.

      The Sculpture field the creation of sculptor Ezra Oiron will be an inspiring contribution to this institution. It will express man's struggle with the desert, his existence and his God.. It will convey a unique synthesis of spiritual creativity and deep sensitivity for the primordial landscape of this area.

      I wholeheartedly endorse this project. It is worthy of unstinting support.

David Ben Gurion

Sdeh Boker