National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771

Ms. Corinne Ben Sasson
Institute of Petroleum Reserves & Geophysic's
Seismological Division
P.O. Box 2286, Holon, 58122
                                                    March 23, 1992

Dear Ms. Ben-Sasson,
It is a pleasure to notify you of our intent to participate in the "Intergalacfic Sculpture"/ ISY event scheduled for April 27, 1992. Those NASA Satelite Laser Ranging stations that are operating on normal shift during this event will participate.
Specific details identifying the stations that will be able to participate will be provided as soon as possible.


Lawrence S. Jassie
Sattelite Laser Ranging Manager
Crustal Dynamics Project

cc: J. Bosworth/901
      H. Crooks/BFEC
      A. Murdoch/BFEC
      W. Decker/BEFC

This stage began with the launching of a thin laser beam, vertically to the plain of the Milky Way, from Tel-Hai, Northern Galilee - 24.9.1987. On the night of June 22nd, 1989, an energy beam was launched from the satelite laser ranging station of Bar-Giora, near Jerusalem, sponsored by the israel Museum and the Israel Space Agency -
The launch, 55 minutes, 33 seconds long - sent a 'SUPER OBELISK'- billion km. tall, at the speed of light, vertically to the plain of the Milky Way. This is the departure of sculpture from its visual, tangible history into an unseen sphere of energy entities It is a departure from MATTER and MASS to which sculpture has been bound from prehistory onward - to an unseen, imperceivable sphere of huge energetic entities, cruising at the speed of light, through the intergalactic vastness. The beam lost a quarter of its power while breaking through the atmosphere; Within 5 hours it was out of the solar system, passing the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which had been launched 29.7.1977
- - on to cosmic infinity - - -

The third launch, on April 27th 1992 - as part of the International Space Year activities - sent a billion km. 'SUPER CATHEDRAL I'- roofless, soaring at the speed of light, vertically to the gravity plain of the Milky Way -
The 'Super Cathedral I'was launched simultaneously, by the European Wegener Satelite Laser Ranging stations at Bar-Giora, Israel; Helwan, Egypt; Simeiz, Zvengorod, Russia; Graz, Austria; Wettzel, Postdam, Germany. A Super-Shaft of parallel energy beams - Intergalactic Architecture -
toward the infinity of universes - -

It is now eight light years from here - - -

On the year 2000 - the end of this millenium, on the night of April 16 - we proposed to launch from all Laser Ranging Network stations - SUPER- CATHEDRAL 2- vertically to the plane of the Milky Way -

Sometime during the first or the second decades of the 2lst century, the international scientific community will install research bases on Earth's Moon and on Mars. These will probably include future types of Laser Ranging Stations.
Every two years Earth, the Moon and Mars are positioned on one architechtonical axis.  On one of these occasions we propose to launch from all these stations simultaneously the'SUPER-CATHEDRAL 3' -
A year later Earth, the Moon, the Sun, And Mars are positioned on one axis. At such a time we propose to launch from the three planets simultaneously - the 'SUPER-CATHEDRAL 4'- at the speed of light, vertically to the gravity plain of this galaxy - an intergalactic Sculpture - Intergalactic Architecture- toward the vast random infinity of universes - - -