California Institute of Technology . 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, California 91109

August 2, 1982          

Dear Mr. Orion:

This letter is to confirm the result of the stimulating conversation we had today concerning the possibility of creating simple sculptures or art forms on other planets by means of automated spacecraft. In the last twenty years U.S. and Soviet spacecraft have landed on and manipulated to some degree the surfaces of three extraterrestrial objects -- Venus, the Noon and Mars. It now lies easily within our technical capability to mount surface exploration missions with the ability to lift, move and drill surface materials on other planets for scientific as well as aesthetic reasons. We appreciate your interest and that of other artists in the possibilities that our space explorations open up for the expansion of human activity and culture. I hope that we will be able to mount such exciting missions in the near future and that we may look forward to true "space sculpture" as a part of this activity.


Torrence V. Johnson
Senior Re arch Scientist