The Society for the Heritage for World War I in Israel
The aims and activities of the Society for the Heritage of World War I in Israel
1. Advancing, developing and encouraging research into all areas connected to the campaign in Israel during World War I and the publishing and distribution of the research to all interested parties.
2. Enlisting contributions and funds.
3. Developing the Exhibition and transferring the exhibition to the museum at the old Turkish railroad station in Beer-Sheva, when renovation there is finished.
4. Purchasing books, publications and movies that relate to the Heritage.
5. Organizing conferences dealing with the campaign in Israel during WWI.
6. Organizing of field trips in the areas of the battles in Israel during WWI.
7. Working together with, and sending delegates to institutions and organizations in Israel and in other countries which deal with aims similar to those of the Heritage.
8. Taking part in official and public enterprises whose aims are similar to those of the Heritage.
9. Establishing contacts with representatives abroad in order to advance the aims of the Heritage.
10. Providing continual updates to members of the Heritage.
11. Any other activity that appears necessary and effective to advancing the
of the principles and aims of the institutions of the Heritage.
12. Establishing and managing a web site.