The International Seminar Center at Midreshet Ben Gurion is providing seminar for all areas relating to the desert: ecology, geology, past and present settlement, the phenomenon of desertification and how to deal with it.

There are also seminars relating to the environment and environmental education.

The seminars are given, together with the participation of the different institutions of the Midrasha, by residents of Midreshet Ben Gurion who have an in-depth and academic knowledge of the relevant areas as well as a wide practical experience.

The seminars combine an in-depth study of the related fields together with a rich variety of activity in the field such as: field trips, visits to archaeological sites, visits with the Beduim, etc.

In addition to this, the seminars provide recreational activities which reveal another side to the desert: bicycle trips through the open desert landscape, hiking, martial arts on the cliff overlooking Wadi Zin, cooking in the field, camping in the field and more.

In addition to the variety of areas that the Midrasha is offering, there is also the possibility to create your own custom made seminars, according to your own specifications.