"Large Scale Facility" Program in Desert Studies (LSF)

Application Form for Visiting Scientist


Family name: ____________________________________________________________

First name(s): ____________________________________________________________

Nationality: ____________________ Passport number: ___________________________
                                                           (This is essential. Without it payments cannot be made.)

Date of birth: ___________________ Sex: _____________________________________

University or Institution address: _____________________________________________

Fax: ______________ Tel: ______________ E-mail: _____________________________

Date of arrival: _________________ Date of departure: ___________________________
Due to housing constraints it may not be always possible to change the visit periods. We thus suggest
that applicants should make every possible effort to provide us with final dates.


Facility: ______________________________________________________________

Full name of collaborating scientist:_________________________________________

Assistance requested

Length of time for which grant is requested: ___________________________________

Length of time (and dates) for which accommodation is requested: _________________

Special requirements (scientific, logistic, other): _______________________________

If the visitor is to be accompanied, please give details: __________________________

Did you, in the last 5 years, visit the BIDR: Yes __ (Indicate number of visits)_________
                                                                      No   __

Please attach: (All documents should be submitted in English)

(  ) C.V.

(  ) List of publications

(  ) Research proposal should be concise (not to exceed 2-3 pages) and address
     the following issues:

  1. Title of the proposal
  2. Host at the BIDR
  3. Requested dates of visit
  4. Background
  5. Specific research objectives
  6. Relevance to desert studies
  7. Clearly state which facility or know-how in the Negev Desert LSF
    is essential for the proposal