The Nehama and Joshua Cohen Field School


Goals and Educational Aims of the School

The field school is a center of instruction and field study in subjects related to the Negev and the desert. The field school aims at teaching students who use its services to study, know, love and preserve nature and the environment: animals, vegetation, inanimate objects of the past - remnants of various periods, the importance of clean air, water quality, scenery and the landscape. In this way, the school aspires to strengthen the ties of youth and adults to the land of Israel, specifically to the Negev, and to educate them in the value of cherishing and preserving nature and scenery.

The Main Fields of Instruction

The main topics with which the students at the school will become acquainted are:

The Study Camp

The main way of teaching at the field school is through the study camp. The study campl lasts between 3 to 6 days, and its main goals are to acquaint the students with the area and its various components, to strengthen and nourish the ties of the students to the land of Israel, and to promote awareness of the value of nature and the environment and ways to preserve them.

School Activities

In addition to the study camps, the school organizes excursions for one or two days, weekends, summer camps for youth, vacation programs for families, camel and jeep excursions and more.

People Using the School

The population using the school is varied: high school and university students, teachers, soldirs, families, youth groups from abroad and others.

School Instructors Staff

The staff of school instructors includes post-graduate personnel, people after army service who are knowledgeable in the desert and its nature, and teachers with appropriate skills and education. The administration of the school supplies meals and accomodation for the visitors.


Beit Hamburg

The recently opened guest house opposite the "land of springs", Beit Hamburg serves visitors yearning for the desert and its tranquility.

Situated on Tzin Ravine in the Tzin Desert, Beit Hamburg offers an outstanding view of the vast Negev landscape just a few steps from your room. A promenade along the ravine's cliffs, presently under construction, passes directly below the guest rooms.

The 60-bed facility has rooms for couples and for families equipped with showers, toilets, air conditioning and elegant furnishings; and a comfortable lounge with television, lecture halls and audio-visual equipment. A unique collection of desert art ifacts on display adjacent to the guest house adds an enriching dimension to your visit.

The Field School and Information Center staff will be happy to help you plan excursions throughout the Negev.

So come and enjoy the desert air and the magnificent view.

For reservations phone 07-6532828, or 6532902; fax 6532721.  

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