Computer Communications Center

The computer Communications Center at Midreshet Ben Gurion was officially opened in September, 1997.  This is an initiative to combine the wide range of experience acquired by different members of the Midreshet Ben Gurion community in the area of computer communications, especially in the area of education.

  The educational network connects schools in the area to the Internet through a direct frame relay connection, which is channeled through the Negev180 router to our IBM (AT&T) connection. These schools receive technical support from the center.

  The center holds inservice programs for teachers in both specific areas of learning and in inter-disciplinary projects. We are also developing educational databases together with the Unit for Developing Teaching Programs in Environmental Education.

  The center is involved in developing a number of special projects and creating web sites for interested organizations, tourist sites, institutions, etc., in the area and in other parts of Israel.


If you have any questions about the Computer Communications Center, write us.