Partnership 2000: Mizpe-Ramon/Ramat-Negev - Europe

Partnership 2000 is the current framework which the Jewish-Agency (the Department for Rural and Urban Development) uses to channel its funds for development projects. The major idea is to connect between Jewish community abroad and the project which its contributed funds finances. To do so the regions in which the department for Rural and Urban Development operates were divided into subregions. Each subregion is attached to Jewish community and together they administer the funds.

In the framework European commuities (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium) formed partnership with the subregion Mizpe-Ramon/Ramat-Negev to further Development goals. The development programs of the subregion focus on community development, absorbing new residents, special educational programs, economic development and cooperation between youth from abroad and the subregion.

The steering committee elected subcommittees to deal with some of these goals. All the committees operate continually and intensively to further the program.

The budget (in thousands of Dollars) for 1996 is devided in the following way:

Management and Planning 80
Community and Education 210
Regional Development 270
Bridge for Links 40
Total 600

In addition, the Partnership has approved the funding(in thousands of Dollars) of phyiscal projects:

Negev Hot Spring Resort 1,000
Highschool in Mizpe-Ramon 2,500
Sport & Recreation Center in Mizpe-Ramon 2,000
Dormitories in Nizana 2,600
Combined Sinagogue & Community Center in Nizana 600
Science Center In the Mashabim School 200
Ben-Gurion Hut 350

For additional information regarding the background on which the Partnership's program was built click here.