The Boulder - Ramat Negev Friendship Ride
The Boulder-Ramat Negev Friendship Ride was a two-day leg of a six day bicycle trip through the Negev which was arranged by the Ramat-Negev Regional Council together with the Jewish Community of Boulder, Colorado in March, 2005.

Ride Organizers: Raz Arbel, Eli Lupu, David Palmach
This two day journey crossed the Big Machtesh (crater)and continued through the Oron Syncline to Ein Um Tina - a hidden spring in the Zarchan river basin. The return to the Midrasha was by way of the Zin Valley, where we stopped to explore Lower Ein Akev. The whole course was on dust trails and was also suitable for beginning riders. The Hatira Anticlime accompanied us during the whole of the journey, and there were even parts where we rode inside it.
Day One: Midreshet Sde Boker - Night camp at Oron Syncline
Length: 57 kilometers
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Duration: One full day riding
Map: Trail map no. 15
Camping: Night camp 3 kilometers south of Givat Mador on the Israel Trail.
Day Two: Night camp at Oron Syncline - Midreshet Sde Boker
Maps from Day One
Maps from Day Two